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November 19 2017

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Augmented Reality app from Nexus Studios is offers geolocation wayfinder service with a virtual guide in the form of a half-naked gentleman:

HotStepper is your first Augmented Reality sidekick to any destination on Earth. HotStepper features a confident dude who, when he’s not dancing, will walk you to any location you need to go. All you need to do is go outside, pick a destination on the map and then just follow him as he does his thing. 

More Here

November 04 2017

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Had a photo in The Telegraph. Not a fan of them.

Got $7 for it.

Not going to sell stock images any more.

July 05 2017

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We are all going to die.

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Yangon, Myanmar. 2017

© Thant Zaw

So very yes.

Deep experience is never peaceful.
— Henry James, from “Madame de Mauves” (via proustitute)
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July 03 2017














do microwaves in other countries have different quick setting buttons? are american microwaves the standard? do people outside the u.s. have a potato button, is what i want to know.

Mexican here, we have potato button

I’m in Brazil and here we don’t have a potato button, we have a rice button.

I’m from the Netherlands and we have a potato button:)

In Scotland and we have a potato button but not on all microwaves just the nice ones.

In France I had a microwave with a chicken button and a breadloaf button

I’m from England and I didn’t know potato buttons were even a thing

Potato Button:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Posh Scotland

Rice Button:

  • Brazil

Breadloaf Button???:

  • France

No Dedicated Carbs Button:

  • England

okay i got sick of waiting for answers so i hopped onto some international versions of amazon and here is what i found:

  • australian amazon only sells books?? what the fuck
  • same for chinese amazon but that’s not as surprising
  • german microwaves have a potato button, but only when there are buttons. most of these things have dials. like… what. only weird fancy american microwaves have dials. also i saw a yogurt button.
  • indian microwaves seem to generally feature a ‘stuffed veg’ button instead of a potato-specific button. there is also a rice button. but do you know what else is standard. A GODDAMNED CHICKEN TANDOORI BUTTON. FUCK ME.
  • german and indian microwaves both had beverage buttons, which was not a surprise, but they also both had pizza buttons, which WAS a surprise. the indian microwaves called it a bread snack but it was clearly a picture of a pizza. why is the pizza button more universal than the potato button??
  • japanese microwaves have rice buttons and not potato buttons. no surprises there. the big surprise is that they also favor the dial. for that matter india had a lot of microwaves with dials, too. what gives. why the dials. where are your flat, easy to clean buttons.
  • according to italian amazon, in italian you call a kitchenaid stand mixer a “robot da cucina”. that is the cutest fucking thing i have ever heard. but back to microwaves. once again i’m seeing a lot of dials. you know these aren’t real ovens, right? why are you adjusting the strength so much. keep it on high and hit the one minute button. stop complicating things with dials. a lot of these are just rebranded german microwaves, so there is a potato button, and also a yogurt button.
  • see above for spain. y’all just have the same microwave. spain’s amazon is a lot less intuitive than every other country’s. i don’t know why. spanish amazon, please fix your menu system. it is wrong.

This concludes my fact-finding mission. Australia, why are your microwaves so mysterious.

I love the words “potato button”

I deeply admire the OP’s devotion to cross-cultural microwave studies and potato button data.


Some days I think about giving up on tumblr. But not this day.

July 01 2017

There’s a paradox in technology. For something new to become widespread, familiar, and mass-market, it must create enough novelty and curiosity to draw people’s attention. But novelty alone is not enough to reach saturation. To permeate life, a technology must elicit more than novelty and curiosity in its users. It must become ordinary. It must recede into the background, where it continues to run but ceases to be noticed by the humans  who made it pervasive.
The iPhone Is Dead. Long Live the Rectangle - The Atlantic
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Featured Collective’s 10 Stunning Photographs From The Month of June, 2017

Here are the 10 winning pictures from the whole month of June, 2017. Enjoy the moments.

June 24 2017

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When your metadata/interface betrays you.

May 15 2017

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SketchAR with Tango Technology

Release of app for Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone with Project Tango tech lets you create and use Augmented Reality stencils for larger scale drawings and graffiti:

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Project Tango from Google lets you have an easier experience with SketchAR than ever. The Tango platfrom combines a phone’s built-in sensors with a software platform that enables a mobile device to become aware of its physical location in the world. You can scale a sketches not only for A4 paper but on a more bigger surfaces with Tango Technology from Google.

More Here

Link to app at Google Play Here

May 07 2017

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Smoking in Quentin Tarantino’s films

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March 05 2017

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For a period of 30 days, Mismar took a walk every day, navigating the city using Grindr, the geo-location gay mobile app that tells its users the vicinity of gay men around them. Each day he picked a man he desired, and tried to get as close as possible to him using the app. He kept a record of his routes and traced them into paths.

Omar Mismar - The Path of Love

December 05 2016

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This looks delicious. On The Night Bus by Nick Turpin.

November 20 2016

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November 10 2016

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